About a year ago, George RR Martin asked me if I would like to audition for WILD CARDS.  
It took me all of 3 seconds to say, "You bet, boss!"  I was lucky enough to get in and I'll
have story in the first book of the new trilogy from Tor,

Below is a copy of George's announcement from his website and you can go to George's
June 5, 2006
We can't die yet. We haven't
seen The Jolson Story.
The WILD CARDS series is back
in business. We've just signed a
contract with Tor Books for a new
triad of WILD CARDS mosaic
novels, to be titled Inside Straight,
Busted Flush, and Suicide Kings.
Work on the books has already
commenced. Tor hopes to
release the first volume in
hardcover in 2007, with the
subsequent volumes following a
year apart.
The three new books will be
volumes eighteen, nineteen, and
twenty in the overall chronology,
but they will also represent a new
beginning for the series. A few of
our older characters will make
appearances in the new books,
but the spotlight this time around
will be on the next generation of
aces and jokers, coming of age in
a world transformed by xenovirus
Takis-A. "It's 2007. Do you know
where your children are?"
Here's a first peek at ten of our new cast members, courtesy of Mike S. Miller. From L to R, let me
present (back row) Jonathan Hive, Double Helix, Drummer Boy, and Lohengrin, and (front row)
Hoodoo Mama, Little Fat Boy, John Fortune, Curveball, Dragon Girl, and The Genetrix.
Many of the writers who helped make the original WILD CARDS series so popular will be
contributing to the new books as well, including Walter Jon Williams, John Jos. Miller, Michael
Cassutt, Walton (Bud) Simons, Stephen Leigh, Kevin Andrew Murphy, and others. They will be
joined by Daniel Abraham, who made his WILD CARDS debut in volume sixteen, and newcomers
Christopher Rowe, Caroline Spector, Ian Tregillis, and Carrie Vaughn. As with previous volumes,
George R.R. Martin will edit the books, with the able assistance of Melinda M. Snodgrass.
The WILD CARDS series made its debut in 1987, during the heydey of the shared world
anthology, when a dozen different series from as many publishers were competing for rack
space. Twelve volumes were published by Bantam from 1987 through 1993, and three by Baen
Books from 1993 to 1995. After a seven-year hiatus, iBooks revived the series in 2002, reprinting
six of the old Bantam titles and adding two new volumes, the anthology Deuces Down and a solo
novel by John J. Miller, Death Draws Five, before going into bankrutcy. The series has also
spawned a comic mini-series from Marvel/ Epic, a role-playing game from Steve Jackson Games,
and several film options. WILD CARDS has outlasted all the other shared world anthologies of the
80s to become the longest-running series in the history of our genre... and with a little help from
our readers, we hope to run for another twenty years at least.
If you haven't visited the Wild Cards universe yet, it is never too late. You can find the old books
on ABE, ebay, and Amazon, and a few are even available here on my Signed Books page. Check
'em out.
January 11, 2007
Inside Straight, the latest installment in our long-running WILD
CARDS series of mosaic novels, has been delivered to editor
Patrick Nielsen Hayden at Tor.
Originally launched in 1987, WILD CARDS has outlasted all the
other shared worlds of the 80s to become the longest-running
series in the history of our genre. Inside Straight will be the
eighteenth volume in the overall series... but it also represents a
new beginnning, introducing a whole new storyline that features
the next generation of aces and jokers. Contributors this time
around include Wild Card veterans Melinda M. Snodgrass, John
Jos. Miller (formerly John J. Miller), Michael Cassutt, and Daniel
Abraham, newcomers Carrie Vaughn, Caroline Spector, Ian
Tregillis, and the mysterious S.L. Farrell.
The lineup:
"Who the Fuck was Jetboy?" Daniel Abraham
"Dark of the Moon" Melinda M. Snodgrass
"Jonathan Hive Sells Out" Daniel Abraham
"Chosen Ones: Part One" Carrie Vaughn
"First Among Losers" Daniel Abraham
"Chosen Ones: Part Two" Carrie Vaughn
"Better Than Television" Daniel Abraham
"Looking for Jetboy" Michael Cassutt
"Metagames" Caroline Spector
"All the Best Stories Start, 'This One Time, We Were Really
Drunk... " Daniel Abraham
"Star Power" Melinda M. Snodgrass
"Wakes the Lion" John Jos. Miller
"A Bad Day in Cairo" Daniel Abraham
"Crusader" George R.R. Martin
"Real People, Really Dying" Daniel Abraham
"The Tin Man's Lament" Ian Tregillis
"Hey, Guys. My Dad's Got a Warehouse! Let's Put on a War!"
Daniel Abraham
"Masquerade of Heroes" S.L. Farrell
"Blood on the Sun" Melinda M. Snodgrass
"Looking for Jetboy: Epilogue" Michael Cassutt
"Give the Wookie a Medal" Daniel Abraham
For a taste of the treats to come, be sure to check out the Wild
Cards Sample on this website. Just click on the blue and white
shield on the home page.
Watch this space for further details about Tor's publication plans
for Inside Straight. For the writers, meanwhile, it's on to the
second volume of the triad, Busted Flush.